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Who we are

We are widely recognised as a benchmark partner with ServiceNow. Not only applauded for our proficiency in working with the system but in driving a new direction and way to engage with it. Whether you’re already using ServiceNow or are thinking about adopting it, we can give you a point of view well worth listening to.

Simplifying the Journey

We understand digital transformation can be a protracted and complex process. We help make it easier by focusing on the small tasks that make a big difference. Freeing you to focus on the more substantial aspect of transformation.

Continuous Delivery

Our model is based on a continuous delivery. While you may think that this is something that is more often associated with bespoke software development than packaged software implementation, we have adapted this model for ServiceNow. Where others favour protracted processes, we work on the practical, focusing on timely outcomes and getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Deep Understanding

ServiceNow is a complex platform of inter-dependent components. Not understanding the future problems they are creating, some service providers will focus on delivering projects based on what is fastest and easiest for them within a single module. At Red Moki we have the experience and knowledge to recognise and understand the inter-dependence between all platform components. When we deliver a solution for our clients we ensure that the integrity of future projects and upgrades are not compromised by short-cuts and poor-quality design.

How we work

A new model for doing

Specialist People for
Specialist Work

You probably wouldn’t be happy to fly on an aeroplane without an experienced pilot. You probably wouldn’t be happy with a general practitioner taking care of your open-heart surgery. With Red Moki you are dealing with specialists – all we do is ServiceNow and we know what we are doing. We can take you safely on the journey with ServiceNow and you can be confident that when we are touching your critical systems and processes, you are in safe hands.

No Job too Small

We love the idea that you should never need to sweat the small stuff. Why? Because it’s what we aim to do – remove the hassle from ongoing delivery and maintenance. We have worked with our clients to co-design a “Business as Usual” service for ServiceNow that provides a flexible cost-effective solution for the day to day administration and enhancement of your ServiceNow platform.

Building Capability

We work with our client’s internal teams to benchmark current maturity levels across IT service management and IT operational management. Once we have agreed a target state, we work with them over time to build and improve capability and process maturity. By working alongside our clients to pass on the knowledge and experience our people have in ServiceNow we ensure that our clients can get the most value from their ServiceNow investment.

What we do

A full service offering

We know how to get the most from the ServiceNow platform. Our unique offering is designed to deliver smarter, more productive, and effective outcomes. Allowing you to extract maximum value from your investment. We offer the following services.


You wouldn’t ask a SAP developer how you should run your supply chain, so why would you ask a ServiceNow developer how to run your IT operations? Our functional consultants have many years of experience in the design and implementation of end to end processes for ITIL and IT operations. Not just that, they also have practical experience of having been operational mangers in large complex environments.


Based on the many ServiceNow deployments successfully completed by our team, we have developed a structured implementation method for new ServiceNow deployments. By adopting an agile delivery model and parallel work streams we can deliver complete deployments in a matter of weeks.

Business as Usual

Day to day administration, responding quickly to the requests from your business, and undertaking small enhancements and providing advice to ensure your success are the key features of our BAU offering. With a large pool of resource to call on, we are able to provide a service offering that is extremely flexible, enabling our clients to call on the skills they need, when they need them.


Keeping our clients “upgrade ready” is critically important. “Upgrade ready” means eliminating issues that result in files being skipped during an upgrade, causing clients to be unable to leverage the power of new features that become available with each release. Our relentless drive for quality and best practice ensures timely, low cost upgrades.

Testing & Quality Assurance

High quality, automated and repeatable test cases are critical to being able to deliver frequent, incremental updates to your ServiceNow platform. Our team is experienced in developing and automating these tests. To further ensure the quality and integrity of your ServiceNow platform we work with a third-party bench marking tool that provide an independent and objective assessment of the quality of the work we do for you.


Our people have delivered many projects across the range of applications within the ServiceNow platform. Some of them have been working with ServiceNow since the original Aspen release! We can deliver implementation and BAU support services across the following areas of ServiceNow:

IT Service and Operations
Customer Service Management
HR Applications
Intelligent Applications
Business Management
Security Solutions

Your team

We are a proven IT management team with decades of experience working across enterprise software sales, professional services, and strategic vendor partnerships. Our team is ready and able to meet the needs of any large enterprise.


+ Partnership 

+ Deep Knowledge 

= Outstanding Outcomes